Homemade Pizza Crust | Best Pizza dough | How to make Pizza Base

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Pizza Dough Recipe | Pizza Base

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Total time:
  • Yield: 4 medium sized pizza crust
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Recipe type: Main dish


  • All purpose flour (Maida) – 3 cups
  • Salt – 1 tsp.
  • Active dry yeast – 2 tsp.
  • (extra virgin) Olive oil – 1 tbsp.
  • Warm water – 1 cup
  • Honey (or Sugar) – 1 tsp.

Homemade Pizza Crust | Best Pizza dough | How to make Pizza Base


How will the people in your house react if the produce/product bought by you is not perfect? They give rotten comments, don’t they Baring teeth smile? I still remember this; the famous Pizzas were introduced to our city of Madurai by the ‘British Bakery’ when we were very very young. We never know about Pizza until my father brought a box full of small pizzas to home. When we tasted it we felt…’Yucckkkkk…. Is it really an edible thing??’ and dumped the whole box into the bin. When we asked our dad what it was, he said, ‘it’s Pisssaa…’ Rolling on the floor laughing It was too much chewy that our jaws begin to pain and we felt like a group of cows who got no other work other than chewing the food all day. We made funny comments that even dogs can’t eat those. It is because, we did not know how a Pizza would taste, it is because we did not know that Pizzas must be eaten hot, it is because we never have smelt the smell of Olive oil in our foods.

Then slowly, as we started visiting Chennai and tasted the fresh pizzas, we were clean bowled for its taste. Its rich contents; the easy chewable pizza crust, the sweet pizza sauce, the fresh vegetable pizza toppings, the amount of cheese melting down the pizza pan, and lastly the smell of olive oil in the pizza … mmmmm… clean bowled… clean bowled everybody! It is important that for enjoying a perfect pizza, the pizza must be HOTTTT, right from the oven kinda hot. I like to watch how the hot melting cheese threads and breaks itself when you piece the pizza and take it from the pizza pan. It is even more a beauty to watch how the cheese thread break when you have a bite and take it away from your mouth. Today, pizza is my mom’s favorite outdoor-food. More than us, she asks for pizza if we plan to go out for food. When I shared that I made the whole pizza myself at home, she was more excited than me Nerd smile [btw, Madurai today has many famous pizza restaurantsIn love]

I am no pizza master, so I took the help of the pizza crust recipe that I found in the flour pack I got from Kroger. I also took the help of this video (how to blend pizza dough) to make pizza dough at home. This link is too awesome for it shows how to blend the flour into a perfect pizza dough. I am now using these tricks to actually let free my stressOpen-mouthed smile, or at times I  imagine that the dough is the effigy of that someone (I leave it to your imagination whom I’m thinking of Vampire bat) who I wished to whack nicely back and forth with many heavy punches in Vijaykanth’s style Winking smile.

pizza recipe food blog
How to make homemade pizza crust (Pizza base/Pizza dough) from scratch – with Step by Step pictures. [Each image can be enlarged if clicked]

Step 1.
Make ready all the ingredients on the counter. I got this cute yeast sachet from the super market.


Step 2.
Warm up the water.

Step 3.
In a large bowl, add yeast, honey and 1/4 cup of the warm water.

homemade pizza crustperfect pizza dough

Step 4.
Mix them well to dissolve and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to prove the yeast. 

Step 5.
Once the yeast foams up, add salt, olive oil and the remaining 3/4 cups of water.
how to make pizza crust- step by step pictures

Step 6.
Mix well.
how to make pizza at homehow to make pizza base - step by step pictures

Step 7.
Add the flour (one cup at a time) and blend them (alternately blending and adding the flour)
how to make pizza dough

Step 8.
Use your kitchen counter to nicely blend the flour to form the dough [blend at least for 10 minutes continuously. You can make use of the link which I shared to check how to blend the pizza dough].

Step 9.
Once you form the dough, close it with a damp kitchen towel. Preheat oven just for 5 minutes (200F | 120 degree C) and switch off the oven.  Place the closed dough inside the warm oven for 45 minutes (Important: do not switch on the oven even by mistake. Ok, I consider my readers are not so senseless like me Flirt female)

Step 10.
After 45 minutes, see how the dough has risen beautifully. Divide them into 4 equal size.
how to ferment pizza doughhow to prepare pizza dough at home

Step 11.
Now, take each ball of dough and fold them (down/up) multiple times and form them to a nice rounded dough.

pizza-crust-from-scratch (4)pizza-crust-from-scratch (3)pizza-crust-from-scratch (2)pizza-crust-from-scratch (7)pizza-crust-from-scratch (5)

Step 12.
Close it with the damp cloth and let it stay for 20 more minutes. After 20 minutes, the dough will rise 1 to 1 and a 1/2 times bigger in size. The homemade dough is now ready to use. You can use the post of Pizza topping and baking if you wanted to.
pizza-crust-from-scratch (6)pizza at home

line tips

3Ts [ Tips | Tricks | Tactics] for making pizza dough/base/crust

  1. Do not use yeast too much because you will then able to feel the smell of yeast in the baked pizza.
  2. More the time and energy you spend to blend the flour into the dough, the more smoother the dough becomes.

end line


pizza homemade

Do you see how great this pizza would have tasted? Do you see how we enjoyed eating this pizza? If not then  make this pizza dough recipe and bake your own pizza at home. Feel the easy chewable pizza crust, the sweet pizza sauce, the fresh vegetable pizza toppings, the hot cheese melting down the pizza pan, and lastly the smell of olive oil in the pizza … mmmmmMM… get clean bowled!

Mangala from cooking.Jingalala.ORG
Eat Well!

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Dear Readers,
Sure the recipe tastes far great than the pictures shown. To show you the process in making the recipe with step-by-step pictures and to show you the outcome of the recipes with some cool photographs, I spend quite a lot of time in photographing it without minding the food getting dry or limp or not-so-hot-enough for us to eat (or sometimes without minding that we are hungry :)

But your comments can make me forget all my tiresome efforts I spend in deciding, preparing, cooking, shooting and composing a recipe post just for you! If you find the recipe useful please leave us a comment. I would also like to know if you tried the recipe and if the recipe came out well. Even if it didn’t, tell me that. I can guess or figure out what might have gone wrong or if I missed out to put any essential points in my recipe post. You can share the pictures of the tried recipes in our Facebook page or you can e-mail us!

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  • vijaygandhi

    Your pains taking effort are thankfuly acknowledged by me. I will try out making pizza se

    • http://cooking.jingalala.org/ Mangala Meenakshi

      Thank you Vijay!

  • kalpana

    This is a very good detailed explanation to make pizza dough meena. u get 16/16 he he.. Each step., from foaming up the yeast to final result is so informative. I never had yeast foam up like this before. Thank U so much.!!! I tried this recipe with mushroom and capsicum. It turned out good.! I ended up drinking up the lovely sauce myself! :) he he So perfect.., and the feel of satisfaction tat everything from scratch is homemade is just awesome..!!! :) Thanks a lot for posting this recipe!

    by the way,, i am tat mysterious disqus comment user in pakoda kulambu p
    there is some problem..i am not able to sign in with fb to post, this disqus is always popping up! :)

    • http://cooking.jingalala.org/ Mangala Meenakshi

      All your comments make my glee Kalpna :) Thank you so much for all the time you take to TRY as well as put feedback on all my recipes. You never ever missed to put a comment for all the tried recipes.

      ***and the feel of satisfaction tat everything from scratch is homemade is just awesome..*** — that’s but so so so soooo true. There are few people who’ve asked me…’why try these recipes unnecessarily when its available on the freezer shelf in stores…” For people with such teasing questions, I never try to explain them or try make them understand the happiness about cooking from scratch. I just smile and say… ‘I like it’.

  • Ramya Ramesh

    Jings – ithanai naalai engirundhaai :) British Bakery – oh my god.. you bring out the sweet memories from good old days.. Dad used to get fresh & hot puffs & yes I totally agree – pizzas looked & tasted yukkk.. You seriously have motivated me to try this base at home considering that my hubby loves .. pizza.. Try pannittu solren :) I’m gonna read all your receipes not only to try varieties but also to read about your madurai story:)

    • http://cooking.jingalala.org/ Mangala Meenakshi

      :) Aamaam Ramya. Madurai-ya patthi solla innum yekkachakkam irukku!
      And about this Pizza… yeah sure try it! Actually this pizza recipe has got mixed reviews. But my friends have tried it many a times and said it came out perfect every time. Make sure you pat the dough thin when you bake it.

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