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Cheppankizhangu varuval | Taro root fry | Arbi roast

 Cheppankizhangu varuval | Taro root fry | Arbi roast       Appearances are often deceptive. The one whom I’ve displayed above, does he look handsome? Not at all, right? But you should scroll a little down and have a look at the finished product 🙂 or you should taste the cooked taro root fry. You will swallow more and more of this cheppankizhangu roast everytime you pass by your kitchen that the pan will be emptied even before you set the dining table for lunch/dinner. Most arbi are oval shaped like miniature rugby balls and some are round shaped. To me the round shaped Cheppangkizhangu (taro root/arbi/colocasia) looks like how our planet earth would have looked when it was very young – a dark solid crust and rocky rustic body. I had a very close-up look at this raw Cheppankilangu and it really looked so.   Actually, this guy,… Continue reading »

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