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Mango Pie Recipe | No-bake mango pie recipe

Best Mango Pie Recipe | No-Bake dessert ideas   I never believed in love at first sight, but until I met this simple “Mango Pie”. Months back, Jeevs had a potluck at his office. That evening, he brought me a slice of mango pie from the party. The moment I saw the pie, I fell in love with it . The color was so glamorous, its texture… so shiny and silky, the taste… “oohhhh… so so divine!”. I finished licking the plate in few seconds like a hungry little pussy cat and asked him, “Why didn’t you manage to grab some more slice of the pie?” That day I learnt the recipe and saved it to be presented for the New Year 2013. In fact, I should tell you that you’ve landed on the right spot if you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert for your pot-luck parties. Yeah, this… Continue reading »

Homemade Pizza Crust | Best Pizza dough | How to make Pizza Base

Homemade Pizza Crust | Best Pizza dough | How to make Pizza Base How will the people in your house react if the produce/product bought by you is not perfect? They give rotten comments, don’t they ? I still remember this; the famous Pizzas were introduced to our city of Madurai by the ‘British Bakery’ when we were very very young. We never know about Pizza until my father brought a box full of small pizzas to home. When we tasted it we felt…’Yucckkkkk…. Is it really an edible thing??’ and dumped the whole box into the bin. When we asked our dad what it was, he said, ‘it’s Pisssaa…’ It was too much chewy that our jaws begin to pain and we felt like a group of cows who got no other work other than chewing the food all day. We made funny comments that even dogs can’t eat… Continue reading »

Homemade Pizza Sauce | Best Pizza Sauce | How to make Pizza Sauce

Homemade Pizza Sauce | Best Pizza Sauce | How to make Pizza Sauce The moment I hear tomato sauce/ketchup I only remember how I used to greedily finish up the sauce bottle kept in the tables of bakeries and office cafeteria. Every time we visit any bakery/restaurant we order the pizzas/samosas and quickly grab the sauce bottle from other tables. The sweet, spicy and tangy flavor makes me to dip my finger number of times into the paper plates. Then I make this finger licking and lip smacking noise until the person in the next table gets irritated . At times, I enjoy the sauce just like that from the refrigerator. This is about the accompaniment sauce that comes with the main dish that we get in the bakeries. But here in this pizza sauce post, I’m going to show how I made and enjoyed my own pizza topping sauce…. Continue reading »

Homemade Pizza Recipe | Pizza Topping ideas | Mushroom Jalapeno Pizza

Homemade Pizza Recipe | Pizza Topping ideas | Mushroom Jalapeno Pizza    I was a fast eater alias food gulper back then at school and college. When a group of people eat together, I used to be the first to finish eating my lunch. During lunch hours, by the time my friends kick-start a topic and are half-way discussing the topic, I’ll be sitting quite like a cat smacking my lips, finishing my lunch. When friends look back into their tiffin-box, I’ll be burping. There are times when few looked at me like ‘that’ and few openly have asked…’hey, you finished your lunch so soon?’ But don’t know what has happened after college days. The amount of food I take in and the hours I spend eating it changed drastically. Today I eat only little but I feel a full-stomach. Also, I take long minutes to finish a plate of… Continue reading »