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banana halwa - vazhaipalam halwa

Banana Halwa – Vazhaipazham halwa – Dessert ideas

Banana Halwa – Vazhaipazham halwa Those days we used to get nice sweet green bananas (pachai vaazhai pazham). Every day after work my dad buys a nice bunch of bananas to home. By the time appa reaches home, mostly I fall asleep. My share will always be there for me the next day. So the next day, I get up with the lovely thought that I have a nice long sweet banana to eat :D. I brush my teeth in a hurry. Grab a small bowl and a spoon from the kitchen. Peel the banana, put it in the bowl, mash it with the spoon, go to the terrace and enjoy the mushy-mushy banana myself…. After enjoying the banana and the birds in the morning I will climb down very happily to get ready for school. This was my affair with banana. But this affair did not last long.  The… Continue reading »

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