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Popcorn – Solappori

Making Popcorn at Home   Madurai, my school. Who doesn’t like popcorn?  No wonder I can eat a sack-full of popcorn for one whole day. Not joking 😀 If other foods tempt me with their tastes, popcorn tempts me with its smell. It has got that hot spicy smell. If we’re to fight a war for pop-corn, and if I’m to lead a group, I’m sure my team will win the battle. That much fanatic I am for pop-corn. Ok, no more exaggerations 😛  A little larger than a fat dog’s kennel, old oily smelling walls, dark room, girl with itchy head who always looks boring… irrrrkkkk!!!! this is the description of my school canteen and the salesgirl in-charge of it. But you know how many throng its door daily just to get those snacks?! both lunch hours and after-school hours?! And I was one among them 😀 . Yeah, only to get… Continue reading »

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