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French Fries Recipe | Finger Chips Recipe | Crunchy French Fries@Cooking Jingalala Org

French Fries | Finger Chips Recipe

 French Fries Recipe | Finger Chips Recipe   Do you agree with me that people who never learnt to cook or who showed no interest in cooking or those who do not know where the kitchen is in their house, turn out to be the best home makers and cooks? 😆  Yeah. This is 100 percent true as far as I noticed. Proof is my lovely aunt and my pretty sister. And when you taste for the first time the dish made by them, it will really taste so so great! This beautiful recipe is one which I observed my aunt prepare when she was engaged to my uncle. Aunts are really special and if they happen to be the youngest of the family, then they’re the heroines of the house. My aunt is such a special one in our house since she is the youngest in my Father’s family…. Continue reading »

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