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Carrot Chutney Recipe | South Indian Chutney Recipes | Sidedish for Idly Dosai

  Not all recipes you try from a blog/book/cookery-show turn out to be tasty. I lately tried a Roasted gram Chutney recipe from a book and it turned out to something that tasted like Asian paints exterior emulsion . That’s the downside of hunting and trying out unknown recipes, especially if it did not include any elaborate pictorial instructions. In such cases, I better skip making the recipe or postpone the idea of trying it. However, there are recipes that exist in magazines and books that run to just 2 lines, but the resulting taste will be yummy-licious, just like this Carrot Chutney recipe !     Being a Recipe blogger, I just cannot copy-paste the recipe from that book. Moreover, there exists no recipe in my blog that would run to just 2-lines. [He heeee… my readers would know this ] I don’t know if you remember, we used… Continue reading »

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