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Popcorn – Solappori

Making Popcorn at Home   Madurai, my school. Who doesn’t like popcorn?  No wonder I can eat a sack-full of popcorn for one whole day. Not joking 😀 If other foods tempt me with their tastes, popcorn tempts me with its smell. It has got that hot spicy smell. If we’re to fight a war for pop-corn, and if I’m to lead a group, I’m sure my team will win the battle. That much fanatic I am for pop-corn. Ok, no more exaggerations 😛  A little larger than a fat dog’s kennel, old oily smelling walls, dark room, girl with itchy head who always looks boring… irrrrkkkk!!!! this is the description of my school canteen and the salesgirl in-charge of it. But you know how many throng its door daily just to get those snacks?! both lunch hours and after-school hours?! And I was one among them 😀 . Yeah, only to get… Continue reading »

Fritters out of Banana blossom – Vaazhaipoo vadai

Fritters out of Banana blossom – Vaazhaipoo vadai Madurai, Gran’ ma’s home When my mom runs out of tomatoes or curry leaves in her kitchen, she used to send me downstairs to my grandma’s house to get some. Being a kid, I run down so fast and when I ask for them to my grandma, she will ask me to take it myself from the fridge. We had a nice gorgeous fridge painted in white. But when I open the fridge, there will be a weird smell and somehow I figured out that it came from a fat, bullet-like, maroon vegetable in the vegetable box. I never had idea what was that maroon thing, or what was inside it, but was sure that it’s a vegetable since it was in the fridge’s vegetable box. I did not bother to ask my grandma what was that vegetable but was hurry fleeing… Continue reading »