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Spinach Frittata Recipe | How to make Frittata

  For my readers who wants to know What is a Frittata, a one liner for them. Frittata is a Bulk Omelette. But unlike an omelette which is made separately for every member in the family, a frittata is made by slow cooking all the eggs together and slicing the resulting Frittata to the family. Got it? Yes, just like how you would slice a pizza . You can mix-and-match any of your favorite veggies or cooked meat into the frittata. Yes, just like how you would do a mix-and-match for your garments .     EGGS and SPINACH are the husband’s favorites. He likes spinach so much that he toggles his facebook profile pictures only with Popeye’s images . In a way I too like eggs. It’s because eggs are the “Aabath Paandavan” in my kitchen. They come to rescue when my sleepy head snoozes the morning alarm for… Continue reading »

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