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Vanilla Cake Recipe | Soft and Spongy Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake Recipe | Soft and Spongy Vanilla Cake   Sure it is because of these cookery shows that I’m wearing my glasses today ;( Yes. I started watching cookery shows right from my 7th grade. I do not remember the cook’s name or the cookery show’s name exactly, but this lady used to teach variety of cakes daily around 3.30pm. All the varieties of cakes: Cakes with eggs, eggless cakes, tumbler cakes (cupcake), sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla flavored, pineapple flavored, lemon flavored, frosting, icing, how to decorate a cake… ALL about cakes. Sitting too very close to the TV throughout the program, penning down all little details whatever is uttered by the cook: the ingredients, the method, the tips…everything, without blinking eyes. I think I wouldn’t be so sincere even during the prayers. But alas… where’s the oven to bake the cakes? I used to think, “may be one… Continue reading »

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