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Kadala paruppu Chutney | South-Indian Chutney Recipes

Kadala paruppu Chutney – Sidedish for Idli-Dosai       Kadalai paruppu chutney or Chana dal chutney is my dad’s favorite. You won’t be knowing how many idlies and how many dosas you are stuffing in if you are having this kadalai paruppu chutney as your dosa/idly dip . Were you with me when I announced the project Coconut Chutney 101 (CC 101) in GoJingalala? I am adding this chanadhal chutney as a first entry to this project. Like how I mentioned in the prologue of MY Madurai chutney recipe, I really admire the variety of twists and tweaks one could make with coconut as the main ingredient in making chutneys. So I announced this project “CC 101” even before I started working on it . This recipe is from my grandma’s kitchen (dad’s mom). So let’s now check on how my grandma makes kadalai paruppu chutney (chanadal chutney).  … Continue reading »


Madurai Chutney Recipe | Spicy Chutney Recipe

 Madurai Chutney Recipe | Spicy Chutney Recipe   What more do you want than the white-hot-spongy idlies accompanied by red-spicy-tasty chutney and then thanking God when you get a good burp ?  Chutneys are integral part of South-Indian food habits. The beauty with all the chutney varieties of Tamilnadu is the variations which you could make with the same chutney. Adding more tomatoes/tamarind makes the chutney tangy, adding little more chillies makes it spicy, adding a little sugar at the end gives a nice sweet taste to the chutney, grinding the chutney with coconut, without coconut, with tempering, without tempering, grinding the chutney in ammikal (hand mortar), grinding in aattu kal (hand-driven stone grinder), grinding it in mixie (blender)…. all these sure give a completely different taste to the same chutney.   If I actually start to classify the chutney varieties that we make in our home it will run… Continue reading »

Kathirikai Chutney | Eggplant Chutney recipe | Brinjal Chutney

Kathirikai Chutney | Eggplant Chutney recipe | Brinjal Chutney

South-Indian Chutney Recipes | Side dish for Idli-Dosai  I realized that taste differs according to our age. The thing which you liked so much when you were young may not be liked at all today. And the thing which you hated so much when you were young might be liked so very much today! The recipe on discussion today is this Kathrikai chutney (Brinjal chutney or Eggplant chutney). I never knew that Brinjal is called Eggplant until I was here to the US. Just imagine if this eggplant yielded eggs of various variety like chicken eggs, duck eggs etc 😛   This eggplant chutney recipe is one which my mom used to make often. When I was young, I hated this chutney. Do not know why, may be because of its unappealing color that it tasted so bland to me then. Whereas today, not just the taste of this kathirikai… Continue reading »