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best Strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry Jam Recipe | How to make Strawberry Jam at home

Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe   After a nice chatty lunch in a hotel if somebody asked what milkshake I want, I’d said “Anything, but Strawberry”. Every month when they order cakes for birthday celebrations at office, I go to the birthday celebration team and had silently requested them to order any cake but strawberry. When Appa goes to ice cream parlor to get a box of ice cream for the special Sunday lunch I’d called him and ordered not to get strawberry flavored ice cream. See what notion I got about this strawberry flavored foods? Be it the strawberry ice cream, or strawberry cakes or the strawberry milkshake, I always felt some medicinal tonic smell associated with it. But all these false notions about the Strawberry fruit got erased when I ate a box full of fresh real strawberries in its peak season here in the US. The fruit was… Continue reading »

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