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Cashew Burfee| Mundhiri burfee| Kaju Katli | Diwali Sweets

Cashew Nut Burfee | Mundhiri burfee | Kaju Katli | Diwali Sweets   I never thought preparing Kaju Katli will be THIS INSTANT!!!!! Cashew+Sugar with some 4 minutes stirring AND a little patience yields wonderful cakes of Cashew burfi!   I won’t be ashamed to confess the fact that I’m a foodie (uh, the word “foodie” won’t be right. To be precise it is “thinnipandaaram” in Tamil language ). I’m the exact opposite to my mom when it comes to eating habits. May be I should inquire my grandmother or my periyamma about the eating habits of my mom when she was my age. Before my marriage, we were a family of six. So it’s mandatory to hide all the snacks, sweets and biscuits from the four imps somewhere in the kitchen. I, being an active participant in the kitchen right from my childhood <batting my eye lashes> I know… Continue reading »

Thakkali Chutney ~ Tomato Chutney ~ Indian Chutney varieties

Thakkali Chutney | Tangy Tomato Chutney | Tamilnadu-style chutney varieties   I can run my blog for years just by thinking of the various chutney recipes we make in our home. Chutneys not just for dosa and idly, but for bajji, bonda, vada, adai, paniyaram, rice etc. That’s why I cannot stop posting chutney recipes in my blog. So this month, this Thakkali chutney recipe (Tomato chutney) gets a place in the blog. Every time I write about a recipe in my blog, I consider it like introducing an esteemed Chief Guest for a big show or an event, so that I can sing the praises of the chief guest before he/she takes over the stage . But for this Tomato chutney recipe I won’t be the right host to compliment about it. My sister can do a better job to describe about this chutney’s taste because she ALWAYS demands… Continue reading »

How to ferment Idly batter during cold climate ~ How to make Idli batter using mixie (mixer grinder)

How to grind South-Indian Idly batter using mixie | Tamilnadu Idli-dosa batter recipe What do you think when a girl from the southern parts of India suddenly lands on a vast space covered full of snow? … Gets super-excited? Jumps with joy? Starts to dance in the snowfall?? Nah, it is none of the above. Believe it or not, the first fear that struck me when I landed in the US was ‘how can I ferment the Idly batter in such a cold climate!’ The snow brought me nostalgia of Idlis and Dosas so very soon that I did not even reach my apartment from the airport. In India, Amma used to grind the batter in the morning and have the fermented batter ready by the afternoons during the summers. Or she grinds the idly batter during the night and gives us the pleasure of tasting soft fluffy idlis the… Continue reading »