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Ulundhangkali | Karuppu ulundhu kali | Black gram porridge

Ulundhangkali | Karuppu ulundhu kali | Black gram porridge   Dina is my brother (my mom’s nephew) and the way my Grandma explains about how he eats ulunthankali is interesting. She once said, “Dina likes kali very much. He sits with his legs folded on the floor, eats at least two plates of kali quietly, sits there for 10 minutes after eating, waits for a nice burp, then stands up with great difficulty and falls asleep”. When I saw her explain about him, I was filled with envy because I thought I should be crowned as the ‘Best kali eater’. Then I concluded that probably my grandmother did not watch me eat this ulunthangali. Right from the purchase of black gram and rice in the departmental stores, roasting the urad dal, going to the rice mill with my aunt (sithi) to grind the kali maavu (porridge flour), then watching my… Continue reading »

taro root curry

Cheppankizhangu varuval | Taro root fry | Arbi roast

 Cheppankizhangu varuval | Taro root fry | Arbi roast       Appearances are often deceptive. The one whom I’ve displayed above, does he look handsome? Not at all, right? But you should scroll a little down and have a look at the finished product 🙂 or you should taste the cooked taro root fry. You will swallow more and more of this cheppankizhangu roast everytime you pass by your kitchen that the pan will be emptied even before you set the dining table for lunch/dinner. Most arbi are oval shaped like miniature rugby balls and some are round shaped. To me the round shaped Cheppangkizhangu (taro root/arbi/colocasia) looks like how our planet earth would have looked when it was very young – a dark solid crust and rocky rustic body. I had a very close-up look at this raw Cheppankilangu and it really looked so.   Actually, this guy,… Continue reading »

Vanilla Cake Recipe | Soft and Spongy Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake Recipe | Soft and Spongy Vanilla Cake   Sure it is because of these cookery shows that I’m wearing my glasses today ;( Yes. I started watching cookery shows right from my 7th grade. I do not remember the cook’s name or the cookery show’s name exactly, but this lady used to teach variety of cakes daily around 3.30pm. All the varieties of cakes: Cakes with eggs, eggless cakes, tumbler cakes (cupcake), sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla flavored, pineapple flavored, lemon flavored, frosting, icing, how to decorate a cake… ALL about cakes. Sitting too very close to the TV throughout the program, penning down all little details whatever is uttered by the cook: the ingredients, the method, the tips…everything, without blinking eyes. I think I wouldn’t be so sincere even during the prayers. But alas… where’s the oven to bake the cakes? I used to think, “may be one… Continue reading »

Onion Rings | Crispy Onion Rings Recipe | Crunchy Onion Rings

Onion Rings | Crispy Onion Rings Recipe | Crunchy Onion Rings

Onion Rings | Crispy Onion Rings Recipe | Crunchy Onion Rings   I had no idea that there exists a snack called Onion Rings until I came to the US. There are instant onion rings available in market like potato chips and frozen onion rings which you can fry them when you feel like wanting to eat them hot. But I never bought either the instant onion rings or the frozen onion rings. I liked the idea of Onion Rings when I looked at their pictures in the product cover. So I googled them and chose the exact site which had the Exxxact Recipe for onion rings I was searching for. When I was in a mission to surprise my husband with little snacks every evening or almost every evening, I used to search for simple, yet delicious snacks recipes. This recipe for onion rings is one among them. Easy… Continue reading »

Kathirikai Chutney | Eggplant Chutney recipe | Brinjal Chutney

Kathirikai Chutney | Eggplant Chutney recipe | Brinjal Chutney

South-Indian Chutney Recipes | Side dish for Idli-Dosai  I realized that taste differs according to our age. The thing which you liked so much when you were young may not be liked at all today. And the thing which you hated so much when you were young might be liked so very much today! The recipe on discussion today is this Kathrikai chutney (Brinjal chutney or Eggplant chutney). I never knew that Brinjal is called Eggplant until I was here to the US. Just imagine if this eggplant yielded eggs of various variety like chicken eggs, duck eggs etc 😛   This eggplant chutney recipe is one which my mom used to make often. When I was young, I hated this chutney. Do not know why, may be because of its unappealing color that it tasted so bland to me then. Whereas today, not just the taste of this kathirikai… Continue reading »