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French Fries Recipe | Finger Chips Recipe | Crunchy French Fries@Cooking Jingalala Org

French Fries | Finger Chips Recipe

 French Fries Recipe | Finger Chips Recipe   Do you agree with me that people who never learnt to cook or who showed no interest in cooking or those who do not know where the kitchen is in their house, turn out to be the best home makers and cooks? 😆  Yeah. This is 100 percent true as far as I noticed. Proof is my lovely aunt and my pretty sister. And when you taste for the first time the dish made by them, it will really taste so so great! This beautiful recipe is one which I observed my aunt prepare when she was engaged to my uncle. Aunts are really special and if they happen to be the youngest of the family, then they’re the heroines of the house. My aunt is such a special one in our house since she is the youngest in my Father’s family…. Continue reading »

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Kadala curry (Puttu kadala curry) – Black Chana curry

Kadala curry (Puttu kadala curry) – Black Chana curry   Is it kadala curry or kadalai curry? Or do you call it kadla curry? Distance between Trichy and Madurai is 130+ kms and traveling in bus took 3+ hrs to reach those days. The bus normally halts for about 10 to 15 minutes in some unusual place for refreshment (!). The wind and breeze in that place will smell awful since there were no proper rest rooms. I hardly breathe during that time and sit with the only thought that the driver and the conductor should return to take the bus quickly. It is really an annoying place, where the tea shops play songs you haven’t ever heard of since your birth and where hawkers get into the bus and sell snacks and edible produce like cucumber and guava.  It is during one such travel when my grandpa met with… Continue reading »

Green Mango Salad – Mangai Keethu

      Trichy, Gran’ ma’s home. Like how the Gupta period was the Golden Age of India, the summer vacations are the Golden age for any child in India. And this green mango salad brings before me, a big box-full of my childhood memories. When I saw those green mangoes in the Indian market here, it was like a huge rusty dusty iron trunk, fell hard on my head, opening up all the sweet old memories that were squeezed and jam-packed inside the trunk. I quickly picked up the scattered stuff and put them back inside the box, closed it tight and carried home to blog about them. Rather emptying the whole box down and getting completely lost in the recollections; I thought I should pick one stuff at a time from the trunk and have thorough pleasure writing about it. Almost 100% of my summer vacations during my… Continue reading »

Popcorn – Solappori

Making Popcorn at Home   Madurai, my school. Who doesn’t like popcorn?  No wonder I can eat a sack-full of popcorn for one whole day. Not joking 😀 If other foods tempt me with their tastes, popcorn tempts me with its smell. It has got that hot spicy smell. If we’re to fight a war for pop-corn, and if I’m to lead a group, I’m sure my team will win the battle. That much fanatic I am for pop-corn. Ok, no more exaggerations 😛  A little larger than a fat dog’s kennel, old oily smelling walls, dark room, girl with itchy head who always looks boring… irrrrkkkk!!!! this is the description of my school canteen and the salesgirl in-charge of it. But you know how many throng its door daily just to get those snacks?! both lunch hours and after-school hours?! And I was one among them 😀 . Yeah, only to get… Continue reading »